About us

The restaurant complex “Lileya” is one of few restaurants in Poltava that play an important role not only for some people, but for the town in general.

Its history dates back to 1971 and now the restaurant rises like a Phoenix from the ashes in all its beauty. 

The key conception is that every Guest has the opportunity to choose one of four different restaurant halls after his/her own heart: The Main Restaurant Hall, VIP Hall, karaoke hall “Marilyn”, The Eastern Hall and The Pub. Besides of that, each Hall has its terrace with exquisite view on Monastery of Feast of the Cross and park area of Podol (one of the oldest part of the Town of Poltava).

Come to the Lileya Restaurant for pleasant impressions, for taking a lot of picturesque photos or just for spending time with friends or with loved one in a homish atmosphere.